The Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust works with landowners to legally protect important biodiversity and landscape values in perpetuity through the covenanting process. A covenant is a powerful legal mechanism for protection that requires current and all future landowners to manage the land for conservation purposes.

Establishment of a covenant includes fencing the area, ecological survey, land survey, and undertaking the legal requirements to register the covenant on the land title. Landowners retain full ownership of their covenant and manage it with advice from the Trust provided through an ecological management plan developed for each covenant. 

As at 31 March 2021 the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust has 89 covenants that provide legal protection for 1,511 ha of land.

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Office Location

698 Christchurch Akaroa Highway
Tai Tapu 7645
New Zealand

Postal Address 

P O Box 146
Tai Tapu 7645
New Zealand

Phone and Email

P: +64 (03) 329 6340


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