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 2050 Ecological Vision for Banks Peninsula    

 Ecological Vision Video
 Ecological Vision Booklet



 Business Plan

 BPCT 2018 - 2020 Business Plan  PDF

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 2) Covenanting

 BPCT Conservation Covenants 2015 Resource File

 Covenants  PDF

 BPCT Covenants Process 

 Process 2015   PDF

 BPCT General Resource File    

 Resource File 2015  PDF

 Conservation Convenants   

 Guide  PDF

 3) Tūī

 Sugar Water Feeder Info

 Info Sheet  PDF

 Tūī Food Brochure

 Brochure  PDF

 Tūī Education Kit

 Education Kit  PDF

 Tūī – How can you Help?

 How can you help?  PDF

 Sighting list

 Sighting list  PDF

 Latitude article


 Tracking the tui on the Peninsula - Akaroa Mail 19/06/2020

Media link to article PDF

 4) Morepork

 Morepork on Banks Peninsula

 Flyer  PDF

 Morepork Report, Lincoln University

 Report  PDF

 Morepork Box Bracket Attachment

 Guide  PDF

 Morepork Education Kit  

 Education Kit  PDF

 Morepork Nesting Box Assembly Instructions

 Instructions  PDF

 Morepork Nesting Box Plans - updated February 2020

 Nesting Box Plans  PDF

 Young Morepork

 Young Morepork  Image

 5) Port Saddle





 6) Animal Pest Control

Pest and Predator Traps: General Information - updated September 2020

 Pest and Predator Traps  PDF

Little River Trap Library

 Flyer  PDF

Little River Trap Library - Info Sheet

 Info Sheet   PDF

 7) Weed Pest Control

Old Man's Beard

Weed Buster Resource  PDF

Sycamore Control Specifications - Di Carter CCC 2020


X Tree Basal Chemical Ringbarking, Chemical and Safety Data Specifications Specifications


Grazon Woody Weed Control Chemical and Safety Data Specifications

Specifications PDF

Vine Growth Stages in Banana Passionfruit - Ian Hankin, DOC

Growth Stages PDF

Cut'n'Paste, product company make the best stump treatment products including glyphosate, metsulfuron and  picloram-based gel products, and mail order them efficiently. (Glyphosate won’t translocate through roots to kill  neighbouring plants like picloram-based products such as ‘Vigilant’ will.)

Cut and Paste, website Link Website

Weed Contractors used on Banks Peninsula 

Version 7, 2021 PDF

Weedbusters is a collaborative organisation which has excellent one-page species by species identification guides and  control technique information

Weedbusters, website link Website

Gorse and Broom Brochure ECan

Brochure PDF

Roadside Gorse and Broom Flyer ECan 2019 

Brochure  PDF

Trunk frilling and spray-treating exotic tree pests with neat glyphosate 

Webpage Video

Trunk drilling exotic tree pests for neat glyphosate treatment 

Webpage Video

Filling exotic tree pre-drilled holes with neat glyphosate

Webpage Video

 8) Other

 Goal 4 - The Wildside Story

 Goal 4 - The Wildside Story   PDF




Office Location

698 Christchurch Akaroa Highway
Tai Tapu 7645
New Zealand

Postal Address 

P O Box 146
Tai Tapu 7645
New Zealand

Phone and Email

E: enquiries@bpct.org.nz
P: +64 (03) 329 6340


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